avatao is a spin-off company of CrySyS Lab in Budapest, Hungary. The CrySyS Lab team is well-known for its analyses of high-profile targeted malware attacks like Duqu, Flame or MiniDuke. CrySyS Lab supports the !SpamAndHex student hacker group that became one of the top hacker teams in the world within only two years. CrySyS Lab alumni work in IT security positions at Fortune 100 companies and top Hungarian companies.

We created avatao to offer people a place to deeply understand IT security by solving exciting, hands-on challenges. avatao is a cloud-based platform that allows teachers to rapidly create exercise sessions, homeworks or hands-on tests. Students unanimously reported a great learning experience with avatao and have shown deeper understanding in final tests.

Reports show that successful and innovative businesses invest in continuous learning and often create learning communities at work. avatao can deepen the understanding of technical workshops or serve as a vehicle for knowledge sharing within a company.

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